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8 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

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After it’s done, go to the resulting folder and double-click on the DefenderControl executable file. Finally, click on ‘Disable Windows Defender’ to disable the service. As hinted in the previous section, some super-smart Windows users found a way to disable Windows Defender by enabling the DisableAntiSpyware button in the Windows Registry.

  • For Windows Vista, the default file type is JPG or JPEG.
  • Some software can also be installed as a browser extension for capturing screenshots.
  • Microsoft added the ability to take a Windows Phone screenshot in Windows Phone 8, and it’s worked consistently ever since.

If you are someone dealing with the same issue, you have come to the right place for the solution. We have a perfect guide for you that will help you to know how to fix GeForce error HRESULT E fail. Let us explore the methods to fix this failed to start Nvidia update problem and also check the reasons behind the error. Click Windows key + PrtScn on the keyboard to take a screenshot of the entire screen. This will create a screenshot or a capture that is saved as an image in the library- Pictures. Press Windows + E keys on the keyboard to open Explorer and Pictures are on the left of the pane.

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen in Windows 10

Press Windows key+I to open Settings and search for Virus & threat protection. If you’re fond of downloading games and applications off the internet, you are likely to encounter scenarios where the application asks you to turn off your antivirus in order to paste the crack file. For those awkward situations, you must look for ways to disable Windows defender, albeit temporarily. As mentioned, the Defender comes with the Windows 10 package, by default — no separate installation needed. It gives you decent enough protection and a handy offline scan option to get the job done even when you’re not connected to the internet. It’s pretty basic in terms of features, of course, but it’s surely not the worst one you could have.

You’ll get a prompt asking if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Reason for disabling Defender is that System Restore cannot restore due to Defenders protection. 3 Locate Remove Notifications and Action Center there.

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Type cmd into the search bar of your Windows Start Menu. Rather than opening it like you would normally, right-click on the search result and select Run as Administrator. To locate this, press the Windows + X keys, then click on System. A new About window will pop up, first showing your PC’s protection status. My pick for the simplest and most straightforward way to determine if you’re using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows lies within Windows’ system information.


The first is that you can drop the ISO file onto any existing Windows machine and perform either an in-place update or a clean install over the top of the current installation. We haven’t heard of any Windows 10 program that’s going to refuse to run on Windows 11, but there’s always a chance with particularly old software. After you have installed the Windows 11 upgrade, there is a 10-day period where you can move back to Windows 10 while keeping files and data that you brought along with you. After the 10 days, you will need to back up your data and do a “clean install” to move back to download pci serial port drivers Windows 10. Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 — the company’s first major update in six years — last week on Oct. 5.

HP is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for these PC products. If you are not sure when your PC was purchased, please check the Windows 10 May 2021 Update table to see if HP has tested your device for this update. HP PCs manufactured before August of 2013 might not have a complete set of hardware and/or drivers required to use all of the features in Windows 10. After you have confirmed HP has tested the device, review the applicable update instructions.

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